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Divorce is a difficult process, one that can provoke strong emotions and heated disagreements. Spouses must make decisions about the most important matters in their lives. Family issues like child support, parenting time, and parental alienation are complicated and often contentious. Settling issues of spousal support obligations and equitable distribution of marital assets and debts can be unnecessarily stressful without the assistance of a skilled attorney.

At Botti Marinaccio, LTD., we have decades of family law experience. We have helped thousands of clients reach favorable resolutions in their divorce cases. We solve problems through negotiation, collaborative law, or mediation in pursuit of a workable settlement. If necessary, however, we will fight for you in court, aggressively advocating for your rights and best interests. Contact our experienced divorce attorneys today at 630-575-8585.

Complex Divorce

Complex Divorce

While any divorce will include certain challenges, divorce cases involving high-income and high net-worth individuals can be especially difficult to navigate. Complicated investments such as businesses or real estate holdings may require the assistance of qualified financial experts as well as an attorney with experience in complex divorce cases. At Botti Marinaccio, LTD., we are the premier legal team for managing high-end, complex divorce cases. We know how to fully protect the rights, privacy, and best interests of our clients.

High Conflict Divorce

High Conflict Divorce

A divorce represents the end of a romantic relationship which often means communications will be emotionally charged. In some cases, the level of conflict is so high that the spouses are completely unwilling and unable to work together in seeking a resolution. Conflict may arise due to infidelity, accusations of domestic violence, and other behaviors leaving one or both spouses angry, bitter, and stressed. The lawyers at our firm provide the skilled guidance and trusted representation you need.

Child Issues

At Botti Marinaccio, LTD., we believe in protecting the best interests of children during a divorce regardless of the relationship between the divorcing parents. Our attorneys work with the top child experts in the field to create a plan that supports a stable home environment for the family. Our lawyers will help you create an equitable parenting plan that outlines the responsibilities of each parent, including a schedule for parenting time, vacations, and holidays. We also assist in proceedings for child support, including non-minor support for college expenses and disabled adult children. Do not allow your children to be caught in the middle of your divorce. Let our team assist you in securing your children’s future while you build toward healing and new beginnings.

Meet Our Attorneys

Stephen R. Botti


Mr. Botti is a former Cook County prosecutor and has decades of experience as a lawyer focusing on complex divorce and family law cases.

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Lee A. Marinaccio


Mr. Marinaccio is a former federal and state prosecutor handles contested family law matters of all types, including those that go to trial.

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Jamie L. Ryan


Ms. Ryan is an experienced divorce and family law attorney, as well as a certified Guardian ad Litem who knows how to get results.

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Customer Experience

Botti Marinaccio, LTD is the premier family law firm in Chicago and vicinity. When you are facing the possibility of a divorce, you need an attorney who will do more than file your paperwork. You need an advocate that you can trust to understand your needs and to fight on your behalf. We make it a priority to be available to each of our clients whenever they need us. We also believe that our ability to communicate well plays a substantial role in our firm’s success. From the moment you call us, you will understand what we mean when we say that we are on your side, no matter what type of challenges may arise in your case.

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