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3 Tips for Protecting Your Mental Health During an Illinois Divorce

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The Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory lists divorce as the second-most stressful experience a person can endure. You may be surprised to learn that according to the inventory, the end of a marriage is considered to be more stressful than being fired from your job, the death of a close friend, and even experiencing a major injury or illness. If you are considering divorce, you know just how mentally taxing it can be. Fortunately, many people are able to build a post-divorce life that is much happier and more serene than they could have imagined. Because the divorce process can be so trying, it is essential that you make your mental well-being a priority during this time. The following tips can help you address the difficulties you may experience during your divorce.

Allow Yourself to Grieve the End of Your Marriage 

Some people assume that if they are the party who initiated the divorce, then they have no reason to be sad about the end of their marriage. This is simply not true. It is completely normal to feel sad and disappointed about your divorce -- even if the split was your idea. You may have had hopes and dreams of what you wanted your marriage to be, and you may be deeply upset that you were unable to meet these expectations. Regardless of why your marriage is ending, give yourself time to grieve this loss, and do your best to avoid bottling up your emotions. Many mental health experts suggest that writing your feelings down in a journal can help you work through these emotions and heal.

Let Go of Bitterness and Vengeance

Most mental health experts agree that seeking revenge against your spouse will only lead to greater problems during a divorce. Intentionally destroying your ex-spouse’s belongings, for example, can not only cause feelings of guilt and shame, but it can also have serious legal implications. Understandably, you may be very angry at your spouse for the events that led to the divorce. Many people find that working with a counselor or participating in a support group can help them deal with this anger in a constructive way that does not exacerbate the situation.

Care For Your Mental and Physical Health

You may be the type of person who is always putting others’ needs before your own. During your divorce proceedings, there is nothing wrong with being a bit more “selfish” than you would normally be. Spend time with people who make you happy and indulge in hobbies and activities you enjoy. Make sure you are eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of sleep. Compassionate self-care such as this has been shown to significantly help people cope with the very challenging life transitions that come with divorce.

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