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Can a Confidentiality Agreement Protect Me in a High-Profile Divorce?

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Divorce is already difficult enough. Adding the stress of being in the public eye can make the divorce process even more daunting. If you or your spouse is well-known or you simply value your privacy, you may have concerns about confidentiality during a divorce. One legal tool for protecting your privacy during your Illinois divorce is a confidentiality agreement. A confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement is a legal contract that prohibits parties from sharing certain information. If a party breaches the contract, the non-breaching party may be entitled to damages. Confidentiality agreements are often a crucial component in protecting privacy during a high-profile divorce.

When Should A Divorcing Couple Utilize a Confidentiality Agreement?

If you are ending your marriage, you will likely be divulging financial data and other sensitive information during the divorce process. You may even participate in a psychological evaluation, medical evaluation, or home study for child custody-related purposes. Details about marital misconduct such as an affair may also come up during the divorce. If you are a business owner, you may be divulging information like business financials, practices, client information, or other proprietary information. Understandably, you may be worried about this type of information falling into the wrong hands. Information you share with your attorney is already protected under attorney-client privilege. However, any information you share with third parties such as accountants is not automatically protected. A confidentiality agreement can be used to keep confidential information from being shared with the media or other parties.

How Does a Confidentiality Agreement Work?

Confidentiality agreements must meet certain criteria to be legally enforceable in Illinois. For example, a confidentiality agreement must be limited in its scope. The contract will describe the specific information that parties are prohibited from sharing. If you have concerns about privacy during your divorce, a confidentiality agreement may ensure that private information is not divulged to parties who have no right to know the information. A divorce attorney experienced in handling high-profile cases can help you understand the best way to protect your privacy during your Illinois divorce.

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