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How Does Addiction Impact an Illinois Divorce?

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IL divorce lawyer Spouses with Addictions

Substance abuse can have a devastating effect on marriages and families. Millions of Americans suffer from an addictive disorder, and the social isolation of the last year and a half has triggered a massive increase in substance use and abuse. 

Other kinds of addiction can wreak havoc on a family as well. Compulsive spending, gambling, pornography use, and even compulsive overeating can strain a couple’s relationship to the breaking point. Addiction does have an impact on the divorce process, so if you are considering divorcing a spouse struggling with addiction, protect yourself by keeping the following things in mind: 

Protect Your Finances

One of the tragedies of addiction is the disastrous effect it can have on a family’s finances. Money spent on addiction can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars a month. Spouses are often shocked to learn that they are massively in debt with nothing to show for it but a history of destructive behavior. If your spouse is recklessly spending family funds, consider taking the following steps:

  • Chance the passwords to your financial accounts

  • Change the passwords on your electronics that provide access to banking information

  • Change the PIN on your credit and debit cards

  • Freeze accounts or take your spouse off credit cards

  • Consider requesting a financial restraining order from a judge to prevent your spouse from spending marital assets on their addiction

Protect Your Physical and Mental Health 

The divorce process is always difficult, but divorcing someone who is actively engaging in addictive behaviors can be demoralizing and exhausting. Until the divorce is over, do whatever you can to protect yourself and your children from the damaging effects of divorce. Try to minimize your children’s exposure to conflict. 

If your spouse’s addiction causes them to engage in unsafe behaviors, remove yourself and your children from the home or consider getting an Emergency Order of Protection prohibiting your spouse from entering your residence while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

Speak with a Hinsdale Divorce Attorney

Divorcing a spouse with addiction is difficult, but the guidance of an experienced Burr Ridge divorce attorney may make the process easier. The law firm of Botti Marinaccio, LTD. has handled many complex and high-conflict divorces and we will work with you to create a strategy that fits your unique circumstances. We pride ourselves on providing an outstanding client experience and advocating passionately for our client's interests. Schedule your confidential consultation by calling our office at 630-575-8585




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