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3 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Divorce Attorney in Illinois

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oak brook divorce lawyerAccording to the Illinois Department of Public Health, divorce rates have been on the decline since 2012. Even so, divorce is still a common practice amongst adults who have tried to make their marriage work yet no longer believe the partnership is worth continuing. 

The decision to pursue a divorce is not one that anybody takes lightly. Whether you have made the decision to divorce your current spouse or your partner presented you with divorce papers, the process can seem daunting. 

Thankfully, an attorney can support and guide you through the process of getting a divorce in the state of Illinois. Before you hire a divorce attorney, you should pose a handful of questions to make sure you find the right lawyer for your situation.  

Have You Represented My Spouse Before? 

One of the most important details to clarify is whether or not a divorce lawyer that you want to hire has represented your spouse before. This is vital information to obtain because an attorney who has worked on a case for your partner cannot represent you. 

Doing so would produce a conflict of interest, meaning the attorney cannot adequately uphold your best interest as he or she has already acted as a legal advocate for your partner. If a divorce attorney has represented your spouse at any point in time, it is wise to look elsewhere and search for a divorce lawyer who has not been hired by your partner in prior years. 

What Can We Do To Mitigate the Costs of My Divorce? 

The legal fees associated with a divorce can be incredibly steep. This is especially true if both parties have difficulty reaching an agreement about certain details, like child support, custody arrangements, or alimony

In the best case scenario, both parties will be amicable, willing to compromise, and able to agree on matters in a timely fashion. However, this is not always the outcome. If you are worried about the costs of your divorce, you are free to ask a divorce lawyer if they have any plans set in place to help you mitigate the costs of your divorce. 

For instance, under certain circumstances, it is possible to avoid litigation. You may be able to reach an out-of-court settlement through alternative resolution methods like mediation or collaborative law. 

What is Your Preferred Method of Communication? 

One of the most difficult parts about getting a divorce is that the process can be long-winded. Waiting for updates from your divorce attorney can be hard, but it’s even harder to work with a lawyer who does not update you on a regular basis. 

Communication is an essential aspect of all professional relationships between lawyers and clients. As such, it is smart to ask divorce attorneys how they prefer to communicate before you officially hire one. 

For instance, imagine a scenario in which you prefer oral forms of communication as opposed to texts and emails. Say you were to hire a lawyer only to find out after the fact that they prefer to communicate strictly via written text. As such, communication issues might arise later on, so ensuring that your communication styles are compatible before you hire an attorney is best.  

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