A premier legal team for managing high-end, complex divorce cases.

Representation For High Net Worth Individuals

If you or your spouse has a high income or complex assets, you need family law attorneys with experience representing high net worth clients. At Botti Marinaccio, LTD., our Illinois high-asset divorce lawyers have decades of experience working with affluent clients and complex asset portfolios. We employ a team of forensic accountants and other financial specialists to identify and evaluate assets of all kinds. We have earned a reputation in DuPage County and the surrounding communities for skilled forensic accounting, highly effective negotiation and settling divorces in a swift and effective manner.

Experienced Illinois High-Asset Divorce Lawyers

Botti Marinaccio, LTD., utilizes a team of experts to assist us in divorces that involve complex investments such as business holdings, real estate, overseas investments and other high-value assets. Our premier legal team understands the importance of privacy in these matters and works tirelessly to protect the best interests of our clients. We put our decades of acquired knowledge to work developing complex strategies tailored to the unique finances of each client. Together with our team of finance specialists, we help you avoid costly mistakes that could have a lifelong impact on your livelihood.

Get The Representation You Need

At Botti Marinaccio, LTD., our legal team provides premier services for high-asset divorce cases. Don’t take chances with your livelihood and future, hire a legal team with extensive experience managing complex high-asset divorces. Contact our main office today by calling 630-934-2192 or emailing us to schedule your initial consultation today.