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Five Ways an Illinois Divorce Could Make Your Life Better

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Burr Ridge Family Law AttorneyOften, the only things we hear about divorce are the worst parts. It can be expensive, stressful, and last far longer than one might hope. But there are also major benefits to getting divorced–especially if you are trapped in an unhappy marriage or find that you and your spouse no longer share common goals. If you are considering divorce, here are five ways that doing so could make your life better. 

Your Finances Could Improve

Although divorce is notoriously expensive, for many people the money they save from divorcing a spouse sooner rather than later can pay off in the long run. For example, although a divorce settlement with your spouse might involve spousal maintenance for a fixed period, if your spouse is a serious spendthrift then you may actually save money compared to staying married to them forever. 

Your Relationships Could Get Better

Many toxic relationships leave spouses alienated from family and friends. Ending such a marriage could have a positive impact on your relationships with everyone else in your life. Rediscovering old friendships, nurturing relationships with family members, and committing yourself to better romances in the future are all positive relational outcomes of divorce. 

Your Career Could Take Off

Bad relationships prevent us from being as productive or creative as we naturally are. The exhaustion of fighting, the energy drain of constantly pleasing someone else, and the time required to maintain a marriage can all distract from a promising career. If you are missing out on career advancements because of a bad marriage, ending it in divorce could be a major professional boon. 

Your Parenting Could Improve

Although many parents fear getting divorced will negatively affect their children, the truth is that most parents are happier co-parenting in different houses than they are fighting it out for the sake of the kids. It is not good for children to see their parents engaged in constant conflict; better to get a divorce and manage parenting your way in your own home. 

You Could Get Healthier

Although studies show that most married people live longer on average, a terrible relationship has the opposite effect. Exposure to high levels of stress negatively affects our health, both physically and mentally, and being constantly unhappy can lead to long-term depression. Ending a bad marriage can be the first step in recovering a lifetime of better health. 

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