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Three Factors to Consider When Calculating Child Support in Illinois

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shutterstock_1933822739.jpgChild support can be a difficult part of divorce to navigate. The parent paying child support often feels upset because he or she may be paying more money but getting less parenting time, and the parent receiving child support often feels as though the amount is inadequate to meet the children’s true needs. Whichever side you are on - paying or receiving - you have a legal obligation to provide financial support to your children, and it is important to know how child support is calculated in Illinois. Here are three factors to consider as support payments are determined: 

Both Parents’ Net Income

Because both parents are responsible for financially supporting their children, both parents’ incomes are considered when establishing payments. It is important to provide documentation establishing your income honestly - hiding income to try to raise or lower payments can result in legal consequences. It is also important to include certain expenses, like pre-existing child support or spousal maintenance obligations from another marriage. 

The Children’s Health Care

Child support covers basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter, but parents are also usually responsible for paying for their children’s medical care. This can include monthly insurance premiums, whether through a parent’s employer or via the health insurance exchange, and the cost of premiums may be divided between parents according to the percentage of their combined net income that each parent earns. Parents should also consider the potential cost of copays, regular doctor visits, prescription costs, and ongoing treatment such as occupational therapy. 

Childcare Costs

Children who are not old enough to be in school full-time often need a full-time caregiver when both parents are working. Daycare and nannies are expensive and parents usually divide the cost, but the cost of childcare can often be above and beyond that of basic child support obligations. If parents can work together to find an affordable daycare or agree with a grandparent to provide childcare, they may be able to save some money in this area while appropriately meeting their children’s needs. 

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Understanding how child support is calculated in Illinois is essential when ensuring you are making or receiving the correct payments. If you are getting divorced or modifying a child support order, consider meeting with a skilled, experienced DuPage County child support attorney with Botti Marinaccio, LTD.. We have helped many families negotiate the process of establishing child support payments and we will fight hard for your parental rights. Call us today at 630-575-8585 to schedule an initial consultation. 




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