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Tips for Managing Your High-Profile Divorce

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Western Springs high-profile divorce lawyerMost people are able to get divorced fairly quietly, with little fanfare save for concern from close friends and family members. But when you are a high-profile resident of DuPage County, you likely have a few extra concerns. There may be press attention on the breakdown of your marriage. There may be people you do not even know who are interested in the details of your high-profile divorce. Having a large amount of attention from the community can add an entirely new layer of stress and difficulty to an already unpleasant situation. In some cases, your attorney may even advise working with an image consultant or media specialist to handle the public side of your divorce. It may give you some comfort to know that media attention often fades when they do not get what they want - drama. 

Helpful Solutions for High-Profile Spouses Seeking Divorce

No one truly thrives while they are going through a divorce. It is hard, even if you and your spouse are divorcing amicably. Some tips for getting through a high-profile divorce include: 

  • United front - It may be best to put on a united front before the press. Two spouses appearing together to announce that they have mutually decided to end their marriage is not very good entertainment. If you and your spouse are able to stay on the same page publicly, you can jointly manage the attention your divorce is getting. 

  • Vent in private - If the breakdown of your marriage was contentious, it may be very tempting to tell the world what your spouse did wrong. Of course, if you do so, your spouse is likely to follow suit. This can kick off a very public dispute that will do nothing but cause additional stress to you both. 

  • Collaborate - Collaborative divorce methods like mediator- and attorney-facilitated negotiation may be the key to maintaining as much privacy as possible. Anything that happens during your attempts at collaborative divorce can be kept confidential, while anything that happens in court is public record. 

  • Guard your children - If you share children with your spouse, you may need to take additional steps to protect their privacy and ensure that they are not caught up in a public war between their parents. 

No one wants public scrutiny during a difficult time in their life. Taking these steps may help keep your divorce as private and quiet as possible. 

Call a Cook County High-Profile Divorce Attorney

Botti Marinaccio, LTD. has extensive experience in helping high-profile spouses get divorced while keeping unwanted attention to a minimum. Our skilled Western Springs high-profile divorce lawyers will strive to protect your privacy throughout your divorce proceedings. Call us at 630-575-8585 to receive a comprehensive, confidential consultation.



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